Optimizing Your Workforce – One Spreadsheet at a time

Excel Automation

We build solutions around the way you run your business rather than you having to conform to the way an off-the-shelf application works.

Not only are repetitive tasks tedious but also waste time that can be utilized to accomplish something else – something usually focused on decision making, meeting with people or one-off tasks that have no other method of being completed. Automating redundant tasks increases the time available for employees to accomplish more in a day. It also increases morale as a result of reducing the number of mundane tasks in any given day. If an employee simply saved one hour a day that can be used to execute another task, that’s more than one work week saved every year. You can easily calculate the savings if for more than one hour saved in a week multiplied by many employees.


Our team will examine your processes and what you are currently using excel for and recommend highly intuitive and automated solutions saving time and money.